We do however offer a variety of piercings at both of our locations. Matty works out of our Orleans location, and Tim works out of our Carling location. Piercings are done Tuesday through Saturday.  
Please use the "book a piercing" tab on our website to book a piercing or a service and to inquire about prices.

1) How old do you have to be to get a piercing without parental consent?

You must be 18 years or older to receive a piercing from us without parental consent.


2) What if I am under 18 and would like a piercing?

We will pierce minors aged 15 to 17 with parental consent however there are a few things you will need to bring with you. You will need to bring government issued photo identification with your picture, name and date of birth. Your parent or legal guardian must be present with their own government issued photo identification that has a matching last name or home address to yours. In the case of a legal guardianship, we require the long form as well stating the minors name, and the name of the guardian.

3) Do you pierce child's ear lobes?

We offer ear lobe piercing starting at 3 years old at our WEST END STUDIO ONLY. Waiting for this age gives the child's immune system the chance to heal better.

4) What if my older sibling or relative is willing to sign for me?

We require a parent or legal guardian. The release form is a legal document and the person legally responsible for you must be present to sign the form.

5) If I’m under 18, can I get any piercing with parental consent?

We will not perform tongue, nipple or genital piercings on any minors, even with parental consent.

6) How much does it cost?

The cost of piercings vary on the piercing itself as well as the style and material of jewelry that is initially used. Please call or email with cost inquiries.

7) Can I bring my own jewelry?

We do require an inspection of the jewelry before we can say yes or no. All jewelry for an initial piercing must be properly bagged and sterilized before insertion.

8) Is there anything I should do before I come in for my piercing?

Please make sure you have eaten a full meal within the last 2 hours. We will not pierce anyone under the influence of drugs or alcohol. We do suggest you bring some juice or pop with you as well. Try to relax. You will feel a second of a pinch and be left with a beautiful new addition to your body.

9) Is there a risk of contracting anything during my piercing?

We pride ourselves on staying up to date with the latest safety techniques. We get inspected on a regular basis by the Ottawa Board of Health. The equipment (including the needle) will be opened from the sterile packaging in front of you, all surfaces are covered with a barrier, all initial jewelry comes prepacked and sterilized and the needles are disposed of after every use in a sharps container located away from the piercing surface.

10) Do you guys sell jewelry to wear after my piercing has healed?

Both locations have a wide variety of quality jewelry that is appropriate for healed piercings. We also can special order a piece if you are looking for something specific.

We encourage our clients to ask questions if they are curious, and we welcome you down to the studio to see the premise. You may also call or email us with any further questions. Matty has been piercing since 2005 and Tim has been piercing since 2010.

Piercing Information