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New Moon Tattoo offers laser tattoo fading in our studioThis can be used in conjunction with repair or
cover-up work of amateur or poorly done tattooing. Our tattooers will be happy to discuss renewing or redoing your tattoo.

Matty and Meg both offer laser. Laser sessions are done Tuesday th
rough Saturday by appointment.  

1. How does laser tattoo lightening work?

Laser tattoo lightening works by a concentrated light being pulsated into the pigments of the tattoo. The beam passes through the skin and turns the pigment particles into smaller particles. These small particles are then gradually eliminated through the body’s lymphatic system.
Laser tattoo lightening is extremely helpful for fading a pre-existing tattoo in preparation for re-work. Cover-ups are sometimes the only solution to dealing with unwanted tattoos. A cover-up tattoo helps conceal an existing tattoo with a new design over-top.


2. How effective is laser tattoo lightening in conjunction with cover-ups?

While it varies from person to person and depends greatly on the age and colors used in the tattoo, overall with the appropriate amount of sessions, most people find it a very effective way to lighten a tattoo and offers more options for
The easiest tattoos to cover-up are very old, naturally faded or lightened tattoos that have been faded through laser tattoo treatments. Laser fading offers a lighter, cleaner canvas which gives the tattooer more flexibility with colour, darkness and design. 

3. Will the laser completely remove my tattoo?

Most tattoos can be considerably diminished. Some tattoos can be lightened more easily than others depending on colour, quality, quantity, age and depth of pigment. Certain pigments respond better to laser. Professionally applied tattoos may require more treatments than amateur tattoos. Older, blurred tattoos that have migrated can be more difficult to fade. Some areas may retain a shadow of the former tattoo.

4. How long will it take to lighten a tattoo for a cover-up?

The amount of sessions required to lighten a tattoo varies from tattoo to tattoo, person to person, project to project.

5. Why do I have to wait between sessions?

The waiting period between sessions is necessary to allow the body to heal and to avoid scarring

6. Is laser tattoo lightening a painful process?

Laser tattoo lightening can be painful than getting the tattoo initially. Many people compare the pain to that of grease splatter, this is a result of the intense heat from the concentrated light of the laser.

7. How long is a treatment session?

Generally speaking, a laser tattoo-lightning session will last no longer than 30 minutes. However, we must assess your tattoo for the following characteristics: size, age, colour, pigment, depth, design, and location on your body.

After your first treatment session, we will have a much better idea as to how long your individual sessions will last. Also, you will have a better understanding of what your pain tolerance is, much of which will be dictated by the location of your tattoo.

Laser Lightening Information


Our booking process has changed. For new clients, please email our studios with pictures of the existing tattoos for lightening.
For existing clients, please call our studios to book your appointment.
We will get back to you shortly.

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